Liquid Crystal Polarization Grating (LCPG) Lenses
Liquid Crystal Polarization Grating Lenses
Fast ・Non-mechanical ・ Remote Focusing




Liquid Crystal Polarization Gratings use spatially varying birefringence to create highly efficient polarization-sensitive gratings. Circularly polarized light will see a positive or negative lens depending on the handedness of the incident light. By using an alternating stack of LCPGs and half-waveplate switches, we can produce large discrete focus changes in <40 μs.


Benefits of LCPG Lens Remote Focusing:

Low size, weight, and power

<40 μs fast direction

<3 ms slow direction

Robust non-mechanical operation

Large apertures possible (>5 cm)

High diffraction efficiency (>99%)

Simple microscope integration

Demonstrated in VIS to MWIR

Broadband systems possible