Product News:High Power Picosecond Pulse Laser
Product News:High Power Picosecond Pulse Laser

The picosecond pulse laser series FPYL-Q-PS is offered with peak power up to 100W at a repetition rate of 1MHz and a pulse width of <10ps. Available wavelengths are 266nm (1-8W), 355nm (1-50W), 532nm (1-80W) and 1064nm (1-100W). The repetition frequency range is between 400kHz and 2MHz. The power stability is <3% (<1% optional). The pulse-to-pulse stability is <2%. Both are measured in rms and over 4 hours. The output beam is transverse mode TEM00 and has high beam quality of M2<1,2. With a beam diameter of ~3mm and a divergence <1mrad the output beam is very well collimated.

The laser will be delivered with an appropriate power supply for the voltage range 100-240V as well as a water chiller.


 ♦          Flexible Materials Processing

♦          Brittle Materials Processing

♦          OLEDs Processing

♦          Glass & Ceramic Cutting and Drilling

♦          Semiconductor Industry